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Saturday August 8, 2020 
10 am to 2 pm (Rain or Shine!)
Location: EKU Alumni Coliseum Parking lot 

Vehicle Exhibitions- Vendor Demonstration & Children’s area- Concessions
NO HORN HOUR: 10:00 am to 11:00 am

$5/person or $20/car (up to 6 people) 

“Touch-A-Truck” is an affordable, family-friendly community event put on by Madison County Home Builders Association with tremendous support from numerous private companies, non-profit organizations, and governmental agencies.  

Dozens of vehicles – emergency vehicles, transport vehicles, tow trucks, public health and safety trucks, buses- will be positioned in the EKU stadium parking lot, and the attendees can climb into the cabs, honk the horns, examine the equipment, flash the lights, and talk to the men and women who work in and with the vehicles about how they use their unique vehicles to do their jobs.  The kids (and some of the adults) find it thrilling to examine “up close and personal” the vehicles they may see around them all the time, and maybe, some they might never have seen before.



Adjacent to the truck lot is a “Kids’ Zone” with crafts, games, and educational exhibits which adds to the fun and enjoyment for the whole family. The vendor booths will be set up by various businesses, organizations, governmental agencies, and clubs who will distribute free books, public health and safety material, talk about their company or non-profit, interact with the families, and, in many cases, show what they do that will improve the quality of life for the attendees.


Refreshments are available for purchase from (what else?) food trucks.

Be a Sponsor!

Be a Vehicle Exhibitor!

Be a Vendor!

Bring Some Food!

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